Question by  LansberryLanguage (19)

How do you care for miniature Greyhounds?


Answer by  tofuturk (581)

Miniature Greyhounds should wear a special collar called a martingale to prevent it from slipping off their neck. They respond very well to positive training methods. Never use harsh physical corrections because you may injury them. A long walk or ball playing with keep them fit and happy. Be sure to feed quality food and see your vet regularly.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Caring for miniature greyhounds is fairly similar to caring for other breeds of dogs, but you have to be careful to keep them warm in colder weather and not to let them jump from high surfaces.


Answer by  chalyse (147)

Italian Greyhounds (miniatures) should be fed twice daily, given a warm place to snooze (they chill easily), and given lots of attention. Brush their teeth daily if you can, and trim their nails weekly. Love them -- they will give you back more love than you have ever experienced before!


Answer by  Jill13 (263)

Miniature Greyhounds are intelligent dogs with good temperaments. They can be raised indoors, but should be given lots of opportunities to run around and exercise. They are somewhat prone to hip and joint problems, so be attentive to these issues. Miniature Greyhounds rarely overeat, and have a sleek coat that is easy to groom and maintain.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

If you plan on racing it the only difference will be is the diet that you feed ita net search will gove you more advice.


Answer by  sallyjane (125)

Miniature or "Italian" Greyhounds are a loyal and loving breed. Due to their short coats and thin build, it is important to make sure they are not exposed to cold temperatures or drafts, so putting a sweater or jacket on them for walks is advisable, especially in inclement weather.


Answer by  hellennoir (68)

This is a generally low maintenance breed. Eager to please and loyal to the end, do your best return the favor--high grade dog food, plenty of attention, and a warm doggy sweater when he goes out in the cold will be greatly appreciated! When in doubt, visit the vet!


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Be with them as most you can. They are very sensitive animals that require more assurance than other breeds. They also require more hydration than most other breeds. Keep a fresh bowl of water always available for them.


Answer by  Ilsieh83 (248)

These dogs are sensitive to cold, so their living environments should be kept warm. The best food for these dogs include fish, poultry, lamb, brown rice and avocado.

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