Question by  worker5694 (130)

How do you care for cockatiels?

I am thinking about getting a cockatiel.


Answer by  darcyn77 (321)

Cockatiels are considered one of the easiest parrots to care for by inexperienced bird owners. Be prepared to spend lots of time with him, as cockatiels are very social. Also, be patient. Birds don't usually trust people right away. Trust is something you'll need to earn, and it can only be done with time.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

These birds can take care of themselves really good so all you have to do is to socialize with them a little bit and clean up their cage after about two days.


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

First,you need to prepare a cage for two cockatiels.The reason about this is,when you only prepare a cage good for only one cockatiel,your cockatiel will be lonely.You should also put some toys in their cage like ladders,and swing.If you have other bird,separate you cockatiel to avoid some diseases.You also need to provide good foods for them.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

They are pretty easy just keep the cage clean and make sure they are kept food and water you have to give them a cuddle bone so they can keep their beak worn down.

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