Question by  salin (30)

How do I troubleshoot problems with my screen freezing on Windows XP?


Answer by  Nelson39 (58)

Reboot the computer. After it completes the reboot, go to Control Panel and then double-click Administrative Tools. Double-click on Event Viewer. Click on the item marked Application. View the events.


Answer by  Aultero (80)

Check your computer on viruses and other malicious software. Check the systems log to see that all hardware and software is working properly.


Answer by  STariq (136)

Try running an anti-virus scan to make sure your computer is clean, also, try cleaning up old programs, and other applications that may be causing the screen to freeze.


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

there are too much reasons for screens freezing in windows first check your antivirus then check your ram and also check your pc ventilation and temps


Answer by  krish71 (43)

Are there any informations given in a blue screen? A freezing screen is often a hardware problem. Check RAM, graphic card and hard disk. Otherwise check your computer wit a virus scanner.


Answer by  Tomas (41)

Firstly, you should do research in Windows XP event viewer and analyze error data. Then you should use diagnostic tools (like MemTest) to test RAM on your computer. Then check if processor, motherboard, VGA temperature is not too high (you can find many free and commercial software to do that).


Answer by  jalucia (936)

It does make a difference when you're screen is freezing up. Is when you're booting up? It could be as simple as tweaking your computer's start-up process, or you might have to reinstall Windows. It really depends.


Answer by  amary5 (78)

Screen freezing are normally a ram or memory issue. So I would press ctrl-alt-delete to keep an eye on it. If the usage is getting high that is your problem.


Answer by  monoacuro (441)

A freezing screen shouldn't normally occur on any operating system. It could be you have a very bad virus. Try scanning your computer using an anti virus software. It could also be that Windows was missing some files during the installation, so you can also to reinstall windows XP on your computer.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If your screen is starting to freeze a lot then you may have a virus and may need to get protection.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

Un-plug your monitor. Wait 20 seconds then replug, do this while the computer is still turned on. if the problem persists then you many need to get a new monitor.

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