Question by  thecrwth (25)

How do I treat constipation in my newborn?


Answer by  MomsHelp (48)

The best and most natural way to help your baby is with a glycerin suppository. Be sure your buy the infant sized ones. Lay your infant on his or her back and gently hold up their legs. Gently slide one suppository into the baby's rectum and hold their butt cheeks together for a few minutes.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

First, try adding a little sugar or corn syrup to his or her bottle. Baby prune juice is also very effective, but start with just a teaspoon diluted in water. If you use formula, make sure you're mixing it exactly as directed and not stronger. If the problem continues, you should call your pediatrician.


Answer by  esneed (114)

You can give the baby a small amount of apple juice. Make sure that you dilute the apple juice with water. Prune juice works as well.


Answer by  kgrim (510)

Nutramigen is a good formula that aides in digestion health and is also used for constipation. You can also try prune juice. Dilute the juice with equal amounts of water.

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