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Question by  deb (50)

How do I treat an iliac band injury?


Answer by  fishy (1085)

The most effective treatment is surgery, however for less severe injuries, strength training and proper stretching techniques can help to prevent further injuries.


Answer by  alanschech (256)

If it is afforable for you, you can successfully treat with massage therapy. If this treatment proves to be cost prohibitive, you can use the "RICE" method, which is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

I have heard of iliotibial band and that can be treated with Massage therapy if it's affordable. If not LOTS of rest and a cold compress.


Answer by  lovelife (998)

Do you mean the iliotibial band injury? If so, it is treated using Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. (rice). Massage therapy is often utilized as well.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

most important to do the treatment as per doctors advice. it should be treated clinically. the way of using the treatment should be treated as per advice of doctor to recover soon.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You can either call your doctor and ask or you can do an internet search and get information that way.

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