Question by  umadevi (6)

How do I tell if a Florida soft-shell turtle is male or female?


Answer by  worker3014 (15)

It is hard to tell the gender of a Florida soft-shell turtle until it is juvenile or adult in size. The male turtle will have a skinny, long tail, whereas the female will have a shorter, kind of stubby tail. Also, female turtles grow much larger than what male turtles do.


Answer by  caramelle0385 (84)

Females are larger in size ranging from 24 to 48 cm and have small tails. Males are slightly rougher and have an yellow and olive coloration.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

Males have long neck and longish head with brownish green color. Females are normally found to 14 inches and swim faster than male. Female normally colored with grayish or brown.


Answer by  mtzfootball (0)

i dont know if my soft shell turtle is a male or femal can some one tell me

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