Question by  David (14)

How do I take one cell's entry, in Excel, and enter it into another cell?


Answer by  kd97 (733)

You will need to create a formulua in Excel. The methods for this will vary depending on which version of Microsoft Excel you are using. You need to consult the software's manual, or check online with Microsoft directly.


Answer by  DarlingMother (43)

Select the cell. Hit Ctrl + "C" to copy the contents of the cell, or Ctrl + "x" to cut the contents of the cell. Next select the cell you want to enter the information in, and hit Ctrl + "V" to paste the information in the cell.


Answer by  smiles (44)

To move entries between cells in Excel. Place you cursor in the cell you wish to move and right click on the entry and select cut. Then go to the new cell location place your cursor in that cell and right click paste.


Answer by  worker673815 (25)

go into the cell, select all text from the editing bar, press ctrl-c go to the new cell, right click and choose paste or use formula =a1


Answer by  worker9423 (7)

On a PC, select the original cell and press CTRL + X (cut). Then select the other cell and press CTRL + V (paste).


Answer by  blue25 (346)

copy and paste. or you can just select the cell you want to move and drag it to where you want it to be

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