Question by  kev8 (22)

How do I stop the itch from chigger bites?


Answer by  anshbinod646 (8)

Clean the affected area with luke warm water or Clean the affected area with any type of spirit, for example dettol/after shaving lotion properly and apply some antiseptic cream on that itching area.


Answer by  wigglewasp (781)

You can take some benadryl or you can buy some anti itching cream and spread that on the bites and it should help.


Answer by  34huy (0)

You can put a dab of nail polish on a chigger bite and the chigger will come out. Also hydrocortisone cream will help.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

A cream such as Benadryl should be able to help. Also avoid scratching the area, keep it clean and dry.

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