Question by  Ashok (1)

How do I stop dropping my should when I'm hitting a softball?


Answer by  carhs (63)

To stop dropping my shoulder, i concentrate on keeping my back perpendicular to the ground, and the knees bent. When you would usually lean forward, push your shoulder under your chin, and continue with your normal swing. Practice, practice, practice, and i hope that this method can help you.


Answer by  matt80 (142)

The problem of your back shoulder dropping during a softball swing is caused by an insufficient clearing of the hips to start the swing. To cure this, concentrate on quickly opening the hips towards the pitcher at the start of the swing. Also, rotating around the spine will eliminate the rear shoulder dropping.


Answer by  Johnantony (13)

Soft ball is a sport where the concentration is the main factor to hit the ball. The ball is bigger in size than the round bat. So aim it with the release of the ball to hit the ball. the concentration is the time to reach the bat when delivered


Answer by  manishjoshi (9)

you have to consontarate on you goal on totaly focus on the softball to hit it, and never lose your confident , always practicing for hitting the ball , you have to do hardwork for it, keep practicing to archive the decided goal for heating the goal, than you are sucess to heat soft ball

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