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Question by  dcasto (20)

How do I remove a front rotor on my Ford F-150?


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

You will need to remove the wheel and then the caliper using a socket set. Once off you will need to release the clips and remove the rotor.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Securely jack the truck up and remove the wheels. Then unbolt the caliper from the rotor and secure it off to the side with wire or rope so there is no weight on the brake lines. Then remove any axle nuts or pins if it is a 4wd. Then remove the rotor and install the new one.


Answer by  cristiana (44)

Remove the dust cap from the spindle assembly. You will see a lock nut and bearings beyond the dust cap.Pull the cotter pin from the lock nut with a pair of pliers.back the lock nut out with a wrench or a pair of pliers.Pull the rotor off the spindle.


Answer by  BigMACK (92)

remove the five lug nut bolts and remove the rim and tire. then remove the two caliper bolts. caliper, and brake pads. remove rotor and replace in reverse order


Answer by  JD17 (424)

Remove the tire, On the back of the rotor you will find 2 screws "19mm" on one the top and on the bottom. Unscrew those, and unscrew break line.


Answer by  zacanger (434)

First jack it up and remove the wheel. Remove the retaining clips, compress the piston, and remove the old pads. Remove the caliper, then the rotor. If it hasn't been changed in a while, you may need to pry it off.

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