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Question by  Miffy (216)

How do I put videos on my psp?


Answer by  gothtini (6)

Download a converter such as PSP video 9. Using that program convert the videos into a mp4 file format. Once they are converted, save the files to your PSP.


Answer by  HerpDerpius (16)

You'd have to put them on your PSP via memory stick. You can search around Google for conversion software that converts whatever videos you have to a format that can be played on your PSP. Once the files are converted and put on your memory stick, you can watch them.


Answer by  jimmygumb (93)

The videos must be of the mp4 codec (there are several free or low-priced converters available online), and can be delivered to the device using a memory card, or a USB connection directly to the home computer.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Take the video and convert it if it's not MP4 or AVI format. Then copy it over to the memory stick or to the device over the usb cable.

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