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Question by  ovienewvce (25)

How do I install outside stone tile?


Answer by  nate1 (146)

Natural stone tile is an acceptable application in areas that are not sujected to freezing tempratures. Assuming this is the case, setting the tile in an appropriate thinset (modified typically) and grouting with a epoxy grout to prevent fading of colors is an appropriate installation technique.


Answer by  qamar (73)

After levelling the well compacted ground,lay cement concrete mix and after the layer is set, place cement and sand mortar inlevel and lay the stone tiles and fill the joints of tiles with same mortar.


Answer by  Subhash (83)

For installing outside stone tiles, first the outer wall is to be dumped wet well. Then a sand and cement mixture in the ration of 3:1 is to be appllied and after that tiles of uniform coloring and sizes are to be fixed so as to give a refreshening look. Broken tile, if any, should come at the corner.


Answer by  lvgolfpro (26)

the best method for installing outside stone tile is to prepare the area by leveling it then coat with a loose layer of sand. Sand acts as a morter and leveler. Once grund is completely level then place tiles in the desired pattern. finish with a top coating of sand.


Answer by  twconroy (148)

The ground surface needs to be leveled first, by raking sand into place. It is then a simple task to lay the tile end to end neatly.

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