Question by  Tom26 (4)

How do I grow Peruvian torch cacti?


Answer by  hyperkid (470)

when you plant the seeds just make sure that you use some funguside to rid of any fungus that can harm the plant.


Answer by  sharpe72 (214)

The Peruvian torch cacti can be grown from seed or cuttings. Do not use rooting hormone as root rot will occur. The cacti does not like extremes. No over watering, overfeeding, or extreme the winter, the cacti goes dormant, it doesn't need a lot of water.


Answer by  adhum (15)

It is difficult task for growing a Peruvian torch cacti. But you can try it ,some times the result may be positive.You may use a cut piece for planting it. its better to grow in a pot so that the caring and handling will be easier. extra care should be given.

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