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Question by  LovinAl (34)

How do I go about adding swing weight to my driver?

I need to add weights to my driver.


Answer by  Joe2533 (205)

The best and easiest way to add swing weight to your driver is to add strips of lead tape. Depending on the type of shot you want to hit, or flaws you are trying to correct, you can place tape on different parts of the club. For example, to correct a hook, place weight toward the toe of the club.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

Why do you want to add swing weight? If you want to hit the ball further, you need to increase your swing speed. Special exercises with a weighted club is good for that. If you want to add weights to the club to effect ball trajectory, use sticky lead tape.


Answer by  Squeaks289 (273)

If you have an adjustable driver, there would be a tool to add weight to the back of your driver. You would unscrew the weights, then add heavier weight to it. Another option would be to add lead tape to the bottom of your driver, it will add enough to adjust your swing.


Answer by  esteban (1334)

The cheapest and easiest way to add a little weight to a driver is to adhere lead tape to the back of the head. If you require a significant amount of weight, you can remove the grip and drop lead weights down the shaft.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

Adding swing weight to your driver is actually a very easy process. All you have to is go to any sporting store and buy lead tape for adding swing weight.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You can add sticky lead tape to the back of your driver head to add more weight. Experiment with different locations to see which helps you trajectory most.


Answer by  Droopy (58)

The best way to add weight to your driver is by using lead tape. Just add the small strips to the bottom of the club head at your discretion. It is legal for tournament play. you can find it at Dicks or your local Golf outlet store.

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