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Question by  melgivs (17)

How do I get rid of an air bubble from a radiator?


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Is it a hot water heater or a steam heater? A hot water heater has a vent already installed which will automatically remove air. A steam heater doesn't need a vent, it uses a vaccuum break which allows air in. If you are hearing hammering, check the vaccuum break.


Answer by  Camy (162)

Use the key to open the flange and then open the radiator while the pump is running. Get a pail to catch the water until it spits air, then close.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

first you have to get a bowl and "radiator key" you put the bowl below the nozzle then take the key and loosen the square looking bolt , soon enough the water will drain the air out and youll have no air bubbles


Answer by  babav (33)

The best way to get rid of an air bubble from a radiator is to completely drain the rad and refill it.

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