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Question by  svdbmitchell (26)

How do I get help with algebra?

Is a real tutor better than a book?


Answer by  Clement (1453)

A real tutor can provide a more specific help than a book targeting general audience. A tutor can provide you with additional explanation of extra examples and exercises while the amount of explanation, exercises and examples in a printed book is usually restricted due to the limited number of book pages.


Answer by  ProfStochastic (70)

A real tutor is better than a book. A book, although it contains information desired, cannot interact with a person and respond to their progress. A tutor can work with a student and develop a rapport with them in order to be more effective and efficient with the students time as well as react and interact with the student.


Answer by  giacomoman (14)

maybe the wolfram research site, and try using a Computer Algebra Software like Mathematica, Mupad, Axion, yakas, etc, to compare results


Answer by  bob41 (33)

Yes, a tutor is definetly the best way to go. If you don't understand something in a book, then chances are you never will. But a tutor can always explain things in different ways. And if you can't find a good tutor, then just ask a teacher for help.


Answer by  brett29 (467)

I would choose the tutor a book is boring and hard to read from. A tutor is interactive and can help you when you get stuck. They can also answer questions.

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