Question by  Lillyb (19)

How do I get g3 to pop up on the MotoZ9?


Answer by  Coinmasta (130)

You're going to need to download an App. for your phone that allows access to g3 on your Moto z9, check the official site.


Answer by  meena (400)

G3 is the network which is very fast and it can be done in Motorola MotoZ9. Most of he time the popup windows cannot be viewed. But in MotoZ9 it can be viewed and the pop up is possible since it has the latest features which will be very useful.


Answer by  KALYANSPATEL (27)

There is no way to get g3 to pop up on the motoz9.... So you have to try it some other wayor else you can do one thing you can download some software from net. Which will get g3 to pop up on the motoz9 ok and i dont think that it will be done

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