Question by  way2cute (23)

How do I fix tire cracks?


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

Unfortunately, tire cracks are due to rubber ageing and losing its' flexability. This cannot be fixed, only replaced. These cracks will deepen and eventually cause the tire to fail. Tubeless tires will fail sooner, since the cracking must hold air, not just the innertube.


Answer by  jon40 (440)

You don't wanna fix tire cracks that nis dry rot and is very unsafe. Replace those tires before they fail


Answer by  nicksdakota (74)

If your tires are weather cracked from age and extreme conditions, there is no way you can "fix" them. Your only option is to get new tires. Weather cracking reduces the strength of your tire's sidewall, and makes them prone to a blowout.


Answer by  praburajzz (37)

We do not fix tire cracks. cracks in the tire between the thread are weared heavily means u have to replace the tires. Its the only way to fix cracks otherwise the vehicle will be have some weathering effect. it is unsafe to ride with fixing tires. replace the weared tire with the new one.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Tire cracks or "dry rot" is not something that you can fix. This means that the rubber is so old that it is hardening and cracking. This means that the longer you drive on this tire the weaker it will get and eventually it will blow. So I would go and get a new set as soon as possible.


Answer by  Anonymous

for side wall hairline cracks..lower pressure on tire so that side wall bulges at ground contact area and shows cracks..wipe super glue into cracks..roll car forward and repeat..reinflate tire

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