Question by  Castlekeeper (39)

How do I file power of attorney for my deceased ex-husband?


Answer by  patti (29325)

You can give your power of attorney to any adult you like as long as the person is living and competent. You cannot assign your power of attorney to a dead person. Alternately, a dead person cannot assign his or her power of attorney to anyone.


Answer by  suejst (19)

you can not file a power of attorney for a deceased person. The person signing a power of attorney must be of sound mind. If there is a will and you are named administrator or beneficiary of his estate you will not need a power of attorney. The person must be alive to sign a poa


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

If he had put you in power of attorney before he died, you could have it. He would have had a will saying you have power of attorney.


Answer by  Miranda (28)

You cannot file a power of attorney form for someone who has died. You must work with the executor of the estate and the probate court to resolve whatever issues you may have.


Answer by  Maria99 (108)

You cannot file Power of Attorney for a deceased person. A Power of Attorney only gives you the ability to exercise the power while the person is alive. When a person dies, the Power of Attorney is no longer valid.

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