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Question by  missaway4 (25)

How do I figure out what the best hair color is for me?


Answer by  ameera (8)

Figuring out the best haircolor, you must consider your skin color, eye color, and the color of the clothing you wear. In winter you may go darker, Summer go lighter, but the most important thing is your skin color, you don't want to clash with your skin and go with a color that will make you look washed out.


Answer by  Gulptub (39)

First you need to know what skin tone you have. Cool skin tones can use ash based hair color where as wark skin tones often can not. Never go more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color to start.


Answer by  symphonyparis (493)

Well start with the color you want. Then let your hair dresser know, they will talk to you about your skin color and tone and you go from there.

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