Question by  pilot (204)

How do I color coordinate with an orange shirt?


Answer by  Aero (97)

A basic white blouse would look fabulous with that skirt color, and be sure to wear some sort of brown shoe and carry a brown bag. For jewelry, maybe wear something with wooden beads with a hint of orange and brown or possible gold would work. Take the color of the necklace to the earrings used.


Answer by  katdog (294)

Orange goes great with different browns, black, different shades of blues, and of coarse, anything goes with white. If you are wearing a bright orange shirt, you don't want to add too many other colors. Too many colors can over do your look and just make you look like you threw something together haphazardly.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

If you can't find the same hue in a lighter/darker shade, I'd go with contrasting colors that suit your taste. Browns and navy blues during the fall/winter months look sharp, and while, cream or yellow is cheery for spring.


Answer by  alishamcfadden (106)

you have many different options to coordinate with an orange shirt. You will need basics such as either black or white pants. You could even wear a neutral color pant.

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