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Question by  orangeengr85 (31)

How do I clear an obstruction in my dog's throat?


Answer by  brendalea2121 (206)

You should take your dog to the vet to get professional help so that your dog can be taken care of properly. Even if you get the correct advice on this it's best to have it done the right way by a vet. Always seek professional help unless your a professional yourself.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

You open the dog's mouth and you take your pointer and middle finger put together and you insert it into the dog's mouth and swipe the back of the throat you should feel the back of his tongue and such and nothing else. It usually causes them to gag.


Answer by  MomsHelp (48)

Try holding the dog's head up and then firmly rubbing your hand in a downward motion against your dog's neck. This will help the object move down into the dog's stomach. If you feel the object will be harmful to the dog, please immediately see a vet to help with the problem.


Answer by  mb23 (42)

Contact your vet immediately. If you are untrained, do not attempt to remove the obstruction, as this may be harmful to your pet.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

Take your dog to the vet to be taken care of properly. By trying to remove the obstruction, you could possibly do harm to your dog.


Answer by  Valenas (38)

Watch out: your dog will be stressed and may unintentionally bite. Pry open mouth by sticking your fingers behind the canine teeth. Similarly with a child, you will want to peer down the throat for any visible obstruction before attempting a "sweep"- to retrieve the object by hand. Consider taking your dog to the vet afterward for an exam.


Answer by  cpncrash (424)

Tip the dogs head back and rub its throat to move the obstuction down if that does not work go to the vet ASAP.

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