Question by  ITanalyst (57)

How do I add a song from SD card to my cellphone?


Answer by  worker2819 (15)

Please go to file manager and goto memory card and select your song than press option buttan and copy than press back open file manager and open phone and a folder than option buttan and paste your song may be added yout cellphone.


Answer by  UmeshG (404)

for that go to menu open gallery select SD memory card then go to option mark the song you want to you cellphone again go to option select move folder then select music file and say move then it will move from your SD card to cellphone that is it. it will work.


Answer by  Bibinathina (89)

The device called card reader which is connected to PC,there is a port in card reader in which the SD card can be plugged. Thus songs can be added or transfered.


Answer by  Indira (106)

First the song is to be transfer to the computer with the help of cardreader. Then the song can be taken into the mobile using the USB cord.


Answer by  ramesh97 (5)

This can be done by connecting mobile to a computer,then the song is cut from the SD memory and is pasted to the phone memory


Answer by  KALYANSPATEL (27)

just do 1 thing enter your SD card in the memory slot and go to memory card folder and mark all songs and than copy all songs in your phone memory and its done!! simple!!!

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