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Question by  DeAngelo (39)

How do disco balls give off images?

I want a disco ball at a party I'm throwing, but I can't get it to shine like I've seen on TV. Any helpful tips?


Answer by  Zorfandel (398)

You need to have lights shining on it from around the room as well as dimming your ambient light to amplify the effects.


Answer by  cupcakes (27)

Disco balls are made of many tiny mirrors so to get them to shine they will need light to reflect. That is you need to shine light onto the ball to get it to shine back =)


Answer by  John48912 (86)

In a dance club, the the walls are painted a flat black. Surrounding the dance area they have mirror and chrome. Above and to the side of the dance area there are many multicolored lights flashing off and on. The ball reflects these lights. Cut the light to the rest of the room and get flashing multicolored lights.


Answer by  PartyOn (6)

First of all, get a really nice, big, shiny disco ball. Dull facets will not work--you should be able to see yourself in the mirrors. Then you have to shine some really bright lights straight at the disco ball and find a way to make the disco ball spin.

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