Question by  SandySandy (21)

How did Jazz music in the 1920's effect history?


Answer by  emagana (23)

Jazz music helped to usher in the 1920's with its fast rhythms, it created tremendous ballrooms in Harlem, such as the Savoy Ballroom, or The Cotton Club. During this time many people were living lavishly and thus the term the Gilded Age was used to describe this epoch. It created a sense of entitlement, but it came crashing down in 1929.

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Answer by  Vard (28)

In 19202's Jazz music, which was not merely a type of music but also a lifestyle, effected history by creating different genres that we listen and enjoy today and such genres are R&B, Rock, Techno, some links to Rap,it also created huge ballrooms in Harlem like the Savoy Ballroom, or The Cotton Club


Answer by  einsteinshrugged (64)

The vibrant and fast paced Jazz music of the 1920's made it possible for iconic music clubs such as Savoy Ballroom and The Cotton Club to grow and flourish. The music ushered in The Gilded Age of the 20s and got everyone up and dancing.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

Jazz music effected history by creating many of the genres we know and love today. For example, Rock, R&B, some links to Rap, Techno, and so many more types of genres.


Answer by  Dixie82 (103)

Jazz in the 1920s was not just a type of music, but a lifestyle. It represented a break from the rigid, structured, regimented confines from the Victorian Era.


Answer by  onlyannemichelle (66)

Jazz responded to the discrimination and inequality experienced by black Americans. It made the voices of the minority heard, and was later a root of the civil rights movement.


Answer by  djalexis (176)

Along with blues, jazz truly was apart of the roots of rock, which has had a great affect on history. The lively performances accompanied with it brought the country to a new society. There was a different standard for what was acceptable that came with jazz music and culture.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

This effected the new age of women. Around this time, women known as 'Flappers' arose. These women were wild and free, bringing on new fashion. They are also known to dancing to the music of this era.

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