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How dangerous are raccoons?


Answer by  cupcake (360)

If they are in the wild, raccoons will try to avoid people. When they are in or near your home though, they may be scared and could bite if they are cornered. Allow them to escape and they won't harm you. They are not very dangerous, just don't get bit because they could have rabies.

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Answer by  Teenmom (298)

Raccoons can be very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. They are often carriers of rabies, and also can be very vicious. If you have raccoons around your home, stay away, and keep small pets indoors so they are not killed.


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My daughter & I were personally attacked by an unprovoked raccoon that was NOT rabid or threatened. I sustained very serious injuries and was hospitalized for weeks with an uncontrolled limb threatening infection. I also suffered related acute kidney failure. My answer... they are extraordinarily dangerous!!! And deceivingly so...

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Raccoons will not cause kidney failure as someone said. The biggest threat from a raccoon is if it has rabies. As with any animal bite, a visit to the doctor is needed. Most physicians will make you undergo rabies shots as a precaution. Healthy raccoons are not a threat.  add a comment

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Raccoons are not physically dangerous unless they are rabid or if they physically attack someone. However, they can and do cause property damage through searching for food or creating nests. They can also cause harm to pets like dogs. If you have raccoons within your home, have them removed to avoid danger to the building and its contents.

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Racoons are the most scary animal in the world


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Racoons are like ALL wild animals, potentially dangerous or even fatal

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