Question by  ravot (21)

How can you wash Chapstick off of clothing?


Answer by  sherrymblackyahoocom (16)

Treating the mark immediately will help increase the chances of removing the stain. Take a credit card and scrape the excess chapstick off. Squeeze a few drops of un-do candle wax onto the stain. Let it sit for thiry minutes. Wash the garments on the hottest water setting that the clothing may tolerate to avoid shrinking.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Scrape as much of the Chapstick off the fabric as you can, and then rub a solution of half dish soap and half water into the stain. Brush with a toothbrush, then launder as usual.


Answer by  Requin (290)

If it is ground into the clothes, scrape as much of the chapstick off as possible, then wash in hot water. This should get it out but may leave a grease stain or possibly a color stain. If there is a grease stain, buy a grease removing soap or spray which should remove it.


Answer by  Robin55 (84)

Rub off excess chapstick,pretreat with a stain remover,let set 30 minutes,rub laudry detergent into stain and wash in hot water.

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