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Question by  vlhunter (24)

How can you remove a life estate from a house deed?


Answer by  acre (29)

You can remove any party to a deed if the holder of the interest is willing to sign a quit-claim deed, relinquishing their interest in the property. If that party does not wish to sign or you cannot located them then have an attorney pursue a "suit for quiet title"


Answer by  Lavaca5 (31)

Proof of death of the life tenant will remove the life estate from the title to real property. Request a certificate of death from the registrar of the county where the life tenant resided, and recorded it in the real property records of the county where the property is situated.


Answer by  linstelito (20)

A life estate gives someone the right of possession for the remainder of a measuring life. This can be the life of the person granted the life estate or someone else. A life estate can be removed from a deed by someone with a remaining interest.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

The only people who can edit deeds are real estate attorneys, who need to rewrite the deed with the new information, and do a new title search if one has not been done recently.


Answer by  txjd (35)

The person who is entitled to the life estate can waive it. They would file a waiver or quit-claim deed relinquishing all rights to the house.

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