Question by  jodyjohn7 (54)

How can people protect forests?


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

There are many things a person can do. You can help spread the word by participating in various charities dedicated to the cause, or make monetary donations to environmental advocacy groups.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

We can help protect our forests by recycling paper. Planting trees and being careful of fires near forests all help.


Answer by  case (1261)

People can protect forests by respecting the land. If people would not litter or dump unwanted items in the forest it would help all the wildlife in the forest. Also, when people visit or camp in the forest they should make sure all camp fires are closely watched and extinguished when nobody is around to maintain the fire.


Answer by  doll (119)

Many forests are being cut down to provide land to grow food to feed the animals that we eat. Therefore, becoming a vegetarian will cut down on deforestation.

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