Question by  saranath1990 (13)

How can I treat goat wounds?


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

Goat wounds can be treated very similiar to any other animal wounds. If its a small wound (such as a small cut) it can be treated simply by putting something as simple as aloe on it until it heals. If it is a severe wound then you should take the animal to a vet immediatly.


Answer by  kingofmacei (13)

When treating a wound on a goat you should first clean the area, then you should check the severity of the wound to see what type of treatment it would need. After you clean the area you should bandage the wound with a clean, fresh bandage and apply to the area.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It all depends where they are, and what they are. Usually they can be treated by cleaning throughly and putting on a antiseptic with a cover. Otherwise see a vet.


Answer by  bunny56 (11)

First you must clean the wound with soap and water. Then, apply alcohol directly to the wound. If you can, wrap gauze around the area and secure with medical tape.


Answer by  danijo (59)

with anti bacterial soap and lots of pressure. clean the wound very carefully. but if it is too sever for example you cant get it to stop bleeding please consult a professional such as your nearest doctor. depending on where the wound is you might need to wrap it or just put a band aid on it.


Answer by  vimalmay15 (122)

Normally,all animals have natural healing power than humans so a basic antibiotic is sufficient for this and clean the affected area with antiseptic regularly.

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