Question by  superwhites (220)

How can I tell if my outside tire treads are bald?


Answer by  Josh41 (113)

Place a penny between the treads of the tire upside down, and if the top of Lincoln's head is visible, then the tires are worn beyond their legit limits and must be replaced.


Answer by  WiseTeacher (258)

Use your eyes and your hands - that is what these important tools are for! If your tire is smooth instead of ridged, then it is going bald. If threads are beginning to show, then you have a real problem. It takes a minute to visually check your tires.


Answer by  John (9008)

Put a penny in the tread. The tire rubber should extend at least up to Lincoln's eyeline. If more of his head is visible, you need new tires.


Answer by  Feisty (87)

When you look at your tires, the depth of the tread should be the same, across the entire surface of the tire that has treads.


Answer by  Dahc272 (28)

if the tire is smooth there than the tire tread is gone and tire is bald. Also if theres metal sticking out your tire tread is gone...tire is bald

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