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Question by  Gtt500 (17)

How can I stop head pain?


Answer by  Edna (16)

Massage your head and take a advil ect.. Sometimes head aches come from too much heat or light going onto your head. Also Rest.


Answer by  Ladymacbeth1980 (86)

Sometimes head aches are caused by dehydration. Drink water. If that doesn't help you could take an over the counter pain reliever.


Answer by  sonorasun (174)

A good remedy for head pain, especially pain caused by stress, is the natural remedy of Black Cohosh Extract. Black Cohosh is a mild sedative and muscle relaxer.


Answer by  mehul80 (136)

pranayama is the good method to stop head pain. It is the one kind breathing exercise. Gives the good blood circulation. If you get the good oxygen it purify everything.


Answer by  mikepjg (10)

If the pain just won't go away...try a back/neck/legs/head massage..it'll cost about $60...chinese do it great...they'll clear out the knots which I believe cause a lot of the problems...you may need a few treatments but it's worth every cent.


Answer by  zxq (108)

First of all, you can take a painkiller, but you'll probably need a prescription from your doctor. Also, if it is a repetitive pain, you should be well examined.


Answer by  Serafinah (232)

Assuming it's been checked by a doctor, cold/ice packs are a GREAT way to reduce occasional head pain.

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