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Question by  ljfbp23 (1)

How can I repair a hole in a car bumper?


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

If it is a plastic or fibre bumper, you can apply suitable putty and paint it. In case of metal, apply putty and weld the surface and paint it.


Answer by  juicy90 (10)

CDS is the plastic epoxy repair you used , made for automotive purposes, and does it come in small amounts. Just apply it at the hole area,wait it to dry then rub it smoothly with smooth sand paper to match the contour of the bumper.


Answer by  CHIRAGSHAH (116)

Repair depends on the material of the bumper. Metal object can be repaired by patch work & coloured. Best option is to cover it with decent reflector OR radium sticker.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Assuming you mean a plastic bumper then you need to use a special type of filler. Normal body filler doesn't work on bumper because the plastic need to flex.


Answer by  Wellitis (66)

One option is to go to your local auto parts store a purchase some body filler to patch the hole and than ask you car dealer what paint you need.

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