Question by  allergymom (26)

How can I put on fake french tips?


Answer by  Missmeme11 (134)

You can visit a convinence Store Near your home and purchase the nails from the nail products section. There will be many designs and shapes and lenths to choose from. Pick the nails of your choice and be sure they come with nail glue. The Packet Of Nails will Include a step by step guide on how to apply Nails.


Answer by  Florimell (53)

There are several ways to put on fake French tips, the easiest being to use correction fluid or related products. There is White-Out, available in a bottle or a pen, which requires painting it. Or use correction tape which requires no painting.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

A good way to give nails a great french tip manicure would be to first apply tape to the bottom portion, leaving your nail showing. Paint with white polish; let dry. Remove the tape, giving your nails a neat looking straight line for the tip. Then coat with clear polish.


Answer by  Anonymous

You can use white u.v nail gel, apply gel to give the french polish look on the tips, leave under a u.v lamp for around 2 mins then apply a u.v top coat and leave for again around 2 mins.


Answer by  kassy (19)

You can simply buy a pack of fake french tips at a store. Once you're ready to apply the fake nails to your real nails, you must apply a drop of nail glue ( which comes with the nails) onto your nail, and press and hold for about 30 seconds.


Answer by  cmkekbif (778)

You can buy kits that will come with tips that are done french looking and you simply match the sizes to your nails and then super glue each one on. You can also paint your real nails with a sheer gloss before applying for a better end result. Be sure to file any edges after applying.


Answer by  Anonymous

you can use white out but it does not last long soo get white putt it on let it dry then putt clear nail polish on top then it will last longer


Answer by  Anonymous

you have made the french toast

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