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Question by  James79 (53)

How can I hook up lights for tow vehicles?


Answer by  Samhane (703)

You can buy kits usually at any store. They will take the wiring leads off of your current brakes. A lot of newer vehicles already have the wiring plug in the rear of the vehicle underneath the bumper. Either way you should easily be able to accomplish this task!


Answer by  moose7276 (190)

Tow lights can be purchased, and the appropriate connections are available for the vehicle(s) in use. Upon connecting the lights to the electrical source, tow lights generally can be attached either a) magnetically, or b) by either a clamp or clip onto the towed vehicle. The lights must be able to be viewed from the rear.


Answer by  MechMan3 (885)

I would purchase a Hopkins lite mate which goes into a specific vehicle wiring harness without cutting or splicing wires - completely plug and play


Answer by  zcucurullo (37)

Mount the lights from the kit on top or rear of the tow vehicle with the hardware supplied in the kit.


Answer by  samman (80)

The easiest way to hook up lights for tow vehicles is to find the wire running to your tail lights and then just spice the wire and run another wire to the tow lights.


Answer by  Kson (132)

To hook up lights for tow vehicles, make sure the car you are using to tow has the right harness to connect the light connections of the thing you are towing.


Answer by  Grace91 (17)

You have to fix the lights onto the Diode system. This can be done by isolating the brake light and screwing it in then doing the same with all the lights

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