Question by  dfpogo (30)

How can I get rid of fisher cats on my property?


Answer by  sawilson (32)

Because of the declining numbers in Fisher Cats, due to their habitats being torn down, it is suggested that you trap the animal and then relocate them to a dense forrest area. They enjoy areas where they can hide, but are often being forced into suburban life. You can use a basic metal wildlife trap baited with a meat product.


Answer by  Minerva (45)

Fisher cats, or fishers, are a protected species in most states. They are carnivores and could be trapped in a humane trap baited with chicken pieces, even rotting meat, and then released in a wooded area. Your state's Game and Fisheries department can give you specific information about this.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Fisher cats are a protected species in most states so you should call animal control to get a humane trap to catch them.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

Commercial odor repellents can help deter fishers. Poison is ineffective and may affect other animals. Note also that fisher cats are protected in some areas, so it's not always okay to shoot or trap them. Find out about the local laws. You can also contact your control officer, who may be able to remove the fisher for you.


Answer by  rjs108 (310)

To trap a predator like a Fisher cat, you should use a medium to large sized live cage trap. You will need to bait it with something that has a pungent odor. Canned cat food can be used a good lure. If you have a large number if them, contact a professional animal removal service.


Answer by  Anonymous

Fisher cats can do alot of dammage keep pets and small children inside the get profesional help.


Answer by  britt88 (10)

Even though the Fisher Cat isn't technically in the cat family, there is a small spray you can buy that wards off cats, may work.


Answer by  Nya (15)

To get rid of cats fishing your fish you should draw a fence around your pond. Another possibility is to go to a pet-store and buy some anti-cat-powder

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