Question by  thepaddlegal (24)

How can I figure out the radius for a 12 foot circle?


Answer by  MicheleJ (50)

If you want a circle with an area of 12 square feet, you use the equation Area=(pi)(radius^2). Or, in this case, 12=(pi)(radius^2). After solving, the radius would be 1.964 feet. If you want a circle with diameter 12, you would divide by 2 to get the radius, or 6 feet.


Answer by  mathdanmom (16)

If the circle measures 12 feet across, through the center, then 12 feet is the diameter. In that case, the radius is half as long, which is 6 feet. However, if the 12-foot measurement is the distance around the circle instead, then 12 feet is the circumference. The radius would be 12/(2pi), or approximately 1.9 feet.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

It depends what you mean by a "12 foot circle." If you mean that the circle is 12 feet across, that is the diameter. The radius is half the diameter, or 6 feet. If the circle is 12 feet around, that is the circumference and you need the formula Circumference = Pi x Diameter.


Answer by  step (309)

Your Question is a little unclear, but I will do my best. If the circle is 12 feet across, the the radius would be half of that or 6 feet. If the diameter is 12 feet (distance around the the edge of the circle), then the radius would be 12 divided by 2pi(6.683).

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