Question by  st (72)

How can I eliminate a mattress stain?


Answer by  Caryn85 (418)

Mattress stains are actually pretty easy to get out. I had a water stain on mine awhile back, I simple took some clothing bleach to it. Take a cap full of bleach and pour it on the stain (more than one cap full depending on size). Make sure the area is covered then get an old toothbrush and scrub it.


Answer by  Nadine (206)

It depends on what kind of stain it is and how long it has been there. Use club soda and a towel at first. If not, upgrade to a commercial cleaner. You might try an enzymatic cleaner if it is a protein stain.


Answer by  jem88 (43)

Using a spot treatment like folex, spray a small amount of treatment and blot with a soft cloth or papertowel. take care not to use too much spot treatment and do NOT rub or you will only force the stain deeper into the matress.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Mattress stains are tough to get out so try using some bleach and scrub deeply into the area. Try using carpet and odor stain remover and scrub hard to get out the stain.


Answer by  shawdowsmom (138)

Use a spray bottle, with a good strong nozzle to lift stain up, with 1 part bleach 3 parts hot water, spray area. Use a bissel little green turbo brush to scrub stain and remove the dirty water. Place the mattress in direct sunshine to dry. Sunshine will "bleach away" stains.


Answer by  medhits (160)

You could try using a steam mop. It will almost usually get the stain out, as well as deoderize the mattress, and kill bacteria. You wont have to wait around for it to dry either, using a steamer makes it dry almost instantly. It is one of the recommended surfaces to use it on.


Answer by  wehadthought (391)

Apply a small amount of bicarbonate of soda or baking powder to the stain. If it's not wet, wet it just enough to activate the powder. Leave it for about ten minutes, then rinse out thoroughly with cold water. Repeat the process as many times as required until the stain has disappeared.


Answer by  lillybby (359)

The best way to remove a mattress stain is to use a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner that has a wand. Use a good stain remover with very hot water.


Answer by  Chris6812 (37)

depending on the stain you have you can try using hot water and soap to get out stains. If that does not work try using some bleach spray that can be picked up at any local superstore should do the trick.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

They can be tuff the best way I have found is to buy the foaming rug cleaner and spray it on let it dry and vaccuum the mattress.

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