Question by  worker7638 (12)

How can I describe my love for my girlfriend?


Answer by  AnneB91 (611)

Write her a poem. If you're having trouble finding the words, buy one of those magnetic poetry kits and break out those little magnet words! Write her a poem in bright-red letters on her fridge (if she has one). If not, write it on your fridge, copy it, and have it delivered to her, along with a dozen red roses.


Answer by  bipin (33)

Make her feel the love you have for her. She will be with you forever. And to make her feel this, you should have it from the bottom of your heart. A mom doesn't care about "how can I show my love to my kid". Its from heart. Get me?


Answer by  Kittala (61)

Tell her that you have deep and strong feelings for her. That you need her in your life and that you love her with great passion.


Answer by  ccorp (260)

Try to take the qualities that you like best about her love and compare it to something similar. If her love is gentle and understanding, compare that to something similar.


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

Thing of what she does that makes you the happiest and then thing of words that rhyme with those actions and write a short poem for her. Women really love poetry from the heart, no matter how corny it might sound.

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