Question by  jodyjohn7 (54)

How can I abort a cat's pregnancy?


Answer by  keiki (1376)

You can abort a cat's pregnancy by spaying her. Most vets will still spay cats while they are pregnant, thus aborting the kittens. During a spay, the uterus and ovaries are removed.


Answer by  MzKitty (273)

First, you should not do this. If you did not get the cat fixed, then those are little babies that are your responsibility; adopt them out. Only a vet can abort a pregnancy; do not do it on you own as it would be cruel and very likely cause hemorrhage and death for the mother.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

The only way that I know of to abort a pregnancy in a feline is to take it to a vet office. I am not sure how the procedure works, or the cost of it either. You could always give the kittens up for adoption down the road as well.


Answer by  Tracy15 (821)

If you need to have your cat's pregnancy terminated the best thing to do is go to the ASPCA who will abort the kittens while they are fixing her so it will not happen again. I found my female cat and she was pregnant I could not keep the kittens and they agreed to do this procedure. Cost $50. 00.

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