Question by  Milyca (41)

How can feline FHS be treated?


Answer by  worker7186 (198)

Feline Hyperesthesia is neurological disorder found in cats. While there is little know about what causes it can be treated by behavioral modification, oral steroids and anticonvulsant drugs.


Answer by  worker3619 (48)

I have heard that cats sometimes get Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS) when they are bored or stressed. You could try playing with your cat more often or buy a few new cat toys. Cats also love to look out the window, so having a window perch could keep your pal mentally stimulated.


Answer by  worker5466 (23)

There are few drugs like can be tried, prozac is one of them. There are other mental meds and also anti-convulsion ones that might work.


Answer by  worker4275 (175)

Feline FHS can be treated with medication from your vet. It will often be antibiotic medication or some sort of steroid.

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