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Question by  ThomasJane (13)

Have you ever used Video Creator?


Answer by  MashalKhanKhattak (69)

Yes, I've used video creators like Roxio Pro, Windows Movie Maker and Ulead Video Studio. You can edit your video, add titles, captions and credits, remove parts you don't like.


Answer by  sweetanguish (5)

I have not used Video Creator, but I have used other software like it. I have looked at the promotional information provided for Video Creator and found that it looks to be easier to use than Windows Video Maker.


Answer by  vaneeya (45)

No I have not. But if you want the professional quality for edited videos, you can make use of Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut for Mac users. Easier editing software that also can be used are windows movie maker and imovie for mac.


Answer by  Hypothesis (12)

I've never used Video Creater, but it sounds similar to windows movie maker and other movie making software. So If I had a download link, I would try it.


Answer by  TB6465 (102)

Yes I have used a video creator. Video Creators work amazingly. It depends on which one you use though. Some video creators work easily but some are very hard to use.

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