Question by  wyldcat (14)

Does the ShedEnder really work?


Answer by  lucky13 (23)

No! shedding is an animals only way to get rid of thier winter coat. Constant combing against the natural grain of the fur will remove more fur than brushing alone.


Answer by  Teaberry (846)

Yes and No. It appears to work best on long haired animals. The shedding seemed to be reduced and grooming was a lot easier to manage. On fine, short haired animals had a different outlook. Aside from not correcting the shedding problem, consumers stated that the ShedEnder did show a more shin coat that appeared to be healthier.


Answer by  MayoMan (88)

I have heard mixed reviews. Some people say it does and some don't. If your pet only sheds a bit, then you should be ok using this product.


Answer by  jenmarie1986 (76)

The ShedEnder does tend to keep the shedding on the furniture down to a minimum but still is noticeable during petting.

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