Question by  worker3775 (63)

Does steam cleaning kill fleas?


Answer by  Leslie27 (32)

The myth that steam cleaning can be an effect way to kill fleas has some truth, but most of the times adult fleas are able to hide themselves into clothes and fabrics and protect themselves from hot temperatures with their outer skins that are not as sensitive as newly hatched flees.


Answer by  GetDark (67)

Steam cleaning can kill fleas but it won't get rid of a flea infestations because you can't find every nook and cranny the eggs and larva are hiding. Also, you can't steam cleam animals, therefore steam cleaning is not a viable solution to a flea problem. A better alternative would be poison flea drops.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

In order to kill fleas you will have to the infestation of fleas killed by a professional exterminator. Steam cleaning does not kill fleas.

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