Question by  wwwilly (128)

Does Ruby Reds drink mix taste good?

Is it really nutritious?


Answer by  sarah237 (385)

Ruby Reds drink mix does taste good and does have some vitamin C.It is not as good for you as fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

I love this drink mix and I think that it tastes great. If you like grapefruit juice (some people don't because it is a little bitter) then you will like it a lot, it is a bit sweeter than traditional grapefruit juice. You should try it out, it doesn't cost much.


Answer by  Jenny25525 (708)

Well the drink mix is okay and to be honest it's not nutritious at all. The drink contains a lot of sugar. If you want a healthy drink, then make your own juice at home.


Answer by  missy85 (178)

Some people enjoy the flavor of Ruby reds, but that is always something that varies from person to person. They are actually quite nutritious, as they are filled with antioxidants and vitamins.


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

I think it does .I use it all the time and the kids love it .I use it in icecream for them

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