Question by  metal (22)

Does oyster shell lime lower your ph?


Answer by  reliable43 (14)

Lime is a basic, or caustic substance, no matter if it is made from oyster shells or other source materials, has a high pH. It is used to increase pH, not lower it.


Answer by  cubedbee (155)

No, lime would increase your PH. Lime is calcium carbonate, the same as an antacid, and the carbonate part is a base which neutralizes the stomach acids and increases PH.


Answer by  worker5874 (120)

No, oyster shell lime should not lower the PH level of a person's blood. The human body is a complex organism that maintains its functions through the process of homeostasis, which carefully regulates the PH level.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Well, lime does lower your ph, it is an alkaline substance so will bring low acid levels higher. The problem is that you can't really ingest it. Also a big part of oyster shell is just calcium, it would be cheaper to take a multivitamin that to grind up oyster shells... save your money.

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