Question by  TouchToneTommy (15)

Does my lizard need a UVB light?


Answer by  Sher123 (51)

When a lizard never gets direct sunlight a UVB light is required. Sunlight shining through glass doesn't let in UVB rays. A lizard requires an ultra-violet B (UVB) light to be able to synthesize vitamin D3 which in turn metabolizes vitamin C. Vitamin C being metabolized is essential to a lizard's health.

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This should have read - in turn metabolizes "calcium" not vitamin C. Sher123  add a comment

Answer by  phil94 (202)

Yes, Lizards do need a UVB light. UVB lights give off heat and lizards cannot live in a cold climate, they need to be in a heated cage.


Answer by  palmerino (637)

depending on the lizard, you will need to get a UVB bulb. Bearded dragons for example need a UVB 10. 0 to grow properly. If they do not have a source of UVB light, they will develop MBD. MBD is a crippling disease and is very painful for the lizard. Please ask someone at the pet shop what your lizard needs!


Answer by  Dann (114)

a UVB light can be important to a lizard if they don't have access to natural sunlight. And even then, if the sunlight is being filtered through glass, it can lose a lot of the "good stuff" natural sunlight can give them.


Answer by  nodeal (35)

It all depends on what type of lizard it is. Most lizards DO require UV light, so it is safer to assume that your lizard does too.


Answer by  iggylizard (352)

Your lizard needs a UVA and UVB light so that it can adequately process its food. Without the proper lighting, the lizard can starve and die.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

That largely depends on the species. Many reptiles do require UVB lighting to avoid problems like metabolic bone disease, which can lead to death. Iguanas, water dragons, chameleons and many gecko species require natural or supplemented UVB lighting. Others, such as Crested geckos, are just fine without it. Do some research online about the species that you keep.

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