Question by  sunny44 (2)

Does McCain Foods provide the french fries to McDonald's?

I would like to buy some of the fries to make at home.


Answer by  bl834 (1317)

Actually, J.R. Simplot, McCain Foods and Con-Agra Foods all supply McDonald's with french fries. The key is the potato of choice: Russet Burbank makes up most of the percentage of McDonald's fries. Frozen fries made of Russet Burbanks are widely available as they are one of the most popular cultivars for that use.


Answer by  chefmark01 (81)

Yes, McCain Foods does supply some of the fries that McDonald's sells. Until the 1960's french fries were prepared onsite of each restaurant, but that changed to provide a standardized product across America. Now McDonald's processes some 2 million pounds of potatoes a day and the suppliers of frozen french fries are Lamb Weston, McCain Foods, and J.R. Simplot.


Answer by  mattj (76)

Yes, McCain foods does supply McDonalds french fries and has since 1994. In addition to purchasing these brand french fries, you will want to use vegetable oil with beef flavoring to produce a similar taste. The frying oil really effects that taste of the fries. They do come precooked, but the double frying is what makes them really delicious.

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