Question by  melody (14)

Does a Leopard gecko hibernate?


Answer by  lisasimpson (148)

I had a leopard gecko for several years and she never hibernated. It's very important to keep their cage at a controlled temperature regardless of the season.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

Yes, in their natural environment Leopard Geckos do hibernate. However your pet Leopard Gecko has no need whatsoever to hibernate unless you are intending on breeding it. If your lizard is meant to be kept strictly as a pet then there's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your temperature and humidity the same throughout the year.


Answer by  abin1991 (76)

My leopard gecko donot fully hibernate they go into what called brumation,its a. kind of semi hibernation. Unlike full on hibernation they dont stock upon fat stores and sleep for Winter.


Answer by  palmerino (637)

reptiles don't really hibernate like some mamals do. They go into a stage called brumation, where they become less active and eat less during the winter season. If you notice that your gecko has become less active than normal, don't panic he/she will be fine. Just keep food in the cage, and they will pep back up soon.

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