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Do vinegar and salt react with each other?


Answer by  aheibein (8)

Vinegar and salt will not react with each other. Salt will dissolve in vinegar, but no chemical reaction will occur. Salt is composed of sodium and chlorine, is ionic in character and is stable. Vinegar is usually around five percent acetic acid dissolved in water, and will react with bases but not salt.

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Vinegar and salt (sodium chloride) certainly DO react with each other to form a weak solution of 'sodium acetate', and a very weak solution of 'hydrochloric acid'. (HCL) It is the "hydrochloric acid" that causes a vinegar and salt solution to brighten dull pennies!  add a comment

Answer by  rutol16 (25)

Vinegar is used as the solvent in which ordinary table salt it will be mixed in. Since vinegar is over 90% water, salt will dissolve into it as any ionic solid does when mixed into an aqueous solution. The only reaction is entropic as the solid dissolves; disspating minute amounts of heat which is only noticeable when done large scale.


Answer by  nacl (20)

Assuming you talk about normal salt as used in household kitchens (and likewise normal vinegar), there should be no chemical reaction. The salt will dissolve in the vinegar and that is all. The chemical compounds of salt are generated from a reaction with an acid, so there can be no further reaction with the vinegar acid


Answer by  npyro528 (30)

Salt and vinegar can react to form hydrochloric acid. These two substances, known in chemistry as "sodium chloride" and "acetic acid" respectively, can be used in school educational experiments to clean a blackened penny. Even though hydrochloric acid is known to be highly dangerous and potent, the product of this mixture isn't pure enough to be considered harmful.

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then how many percent of hydrochloric acid is present in the (vinegar and salt )
solution????  add a comment
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You are wrong, wrong, wrong. It does NOT make hydrochloric acid. You can only find retardedness like that online with a google search.... and if you need to search for the answer like that,jeeze  add a comment

Answer by  nmurdock (25)

Yes, in a positive way. Together they make an excellent cleaning agent for glass coffee pots and for kitchen and bathroom sinks. A mixture of 8 ounces of water and one half teaspoon vinegar will clean most anything glass within reason, and will wash grease and odor from drain traps.


Answer by  cmayfieldisawesome (40)

No. The "salt" dissolves into a homogeneous solution of the ions of the given salt, specifically, the cations and the anions of the salt.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Yes; Vinegar (acetic acid or CH3COOH, & water or H2O) and (common table) salt (sodium chloride or NaCl) react and produce sodium acetate (C2H3NaO2) & hydrogen chloride (HCl, which in turn reacts with water or H2O and produces Hydrochloric acid or H3O.Cl). The "salt & vinegar" taste is usually sodium acetate.


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